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Christmas Gift Shopping - make friends, have fun, buy gifts!
Christmas with a humorous twist. Share your Christmas catastrophes, the most useless gift you've ever received and more! Even send an electronic...

Sally Saves Christmas
Christmas by Alessandro Cima "Sally Saves Christmas" Copyright © 1994 by Alessandro Cima All Rights Reserved FLASH STORY ... This story...

ABC News: Home From 'Christmas Story' Sold on EBay
Home From 'Christmas Story' Sold on EBay...

A Christmas Story (1983)
A Christmas Story - Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, Comments, Discussion, Taglines, Trailers, Posters, Photos, Showtimes, Link to Official Site,

A Christmas Story Comprehensive Movie Review
A Christmas Story Movie Review Book Reviews Movie Reviews ... Sci-Fi/Fantasy Comedy & Personal Dramas Action Dramas...

The Last Christmas Tree
The Last Christmas Tree ... READ your kids an original Thanksgiving story. RETURN to dads.com...

Christmas with Santa Land
Santaland Christmas Story - On the 107th Anniversary of the New York Sun Editorial, Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, many of my holiday...

Not Just for Kids! Christmas Stories and Poems
Henry) The Night Before Christmas     An African Christmas Story by P. E. Adotey Addo Grandpa Tucker's Christmas Poems At Christmas (Edgar...

A Christmas Story mistakes, goofs and bloopers
Mistakes, goofs, pictures, quotes and trivia for A Christmas Story and other movies...

Christmas traditions & customs round the world. How different
Christmas riddles to think about, you will find the answers in our "The Christmas Story" Making sense of Christmas. Mohinder's true story.