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The Nap Room: Crazy Liberal of the Week Archives
I'm thinking of contacting the ACLU." ... If something you say may offend someone, you are not allowed to say it. No more "Merry Christmas". It's...

Spellingwitch: December 2003 Archives
Seasons Greetings. Merry Christmas, everyone! Remember to put Christ back in Christmas. Jesus is the reason for ... The ACLU is the biggest bunch...

The Nap Room Archives: August 2004 Archives
...thing that is taking so long to push for alcohol bans is that alcohol ... I'm thinking of contacting the ACLU."

Macy's stores boycotted for replacing 'Christmas'
...chain's replacement of "Merry Christmas" with politically correct greetings. ... District bans instrumental Christmas carols ... ACLU loses...

Iowahawk: ACLU Unveils Religion-Free ... an organization is petitioning to add ''Merry Christmas" to the red-lighted ''Seasons Greetings" sign on...

Beating the Beast :: View topic - Political (in)correctness
...d like to see the town hall have a "Merry Christmas - Happy Chanukkah - Seasons Greetings" banner or ... The ACLU argued that such religious...

A Nightmare Before Christmas Movie. Aclu Seasons Greetings Merry Christmas Bans. Affordable Christmas Gifts. Alien Pictures And Christmas Cards...

TalkLeft: Radical Right Seeks to Expand Christmas
...and Seasons Greetings through the end of Hanukkah and then everyone switches over to Merry Christmas. ... the list of times the ACLU,...

Jon Kennedy's NewComments
Liberals (e.g., ACLU) glory in ... Merry Christmas from Xnmp, the Christian and Media ... Politically correct phases like 'Seasons Greetings' and...

Corel Office Document
Union of Massachusetts ("ACLU") have filed ... The front of the message read "Merry Christmas" in ... non-offensive, such as "Seasons Greetings"...