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Princeton Packet OnLine Entertainment: Tales from Ear Mountain - An
...he'd probably make the Amish blush. So when I logged on my computer several weeks ago and received an instant message from Santa Claus, I wasn...

The Old Order Amish are one of several Anabaptist groups, including
THE OLD ORDER AMISH* Background ... Christmas, for example, does not involve a tree, lights. decorations, cards or Santa Claus. Children are...

Amish Sugar Cookies: Christmas Recipes. Santa's Net. Christmas Food...
Amish Sugar Cookies, christmas recipes, christmas food and drink, christmas carols, songs, santa, clause, father christmas, good and bad list E-mail...

Amish Friendship Bread: Christmas Recipes. Christmas Food and Drink....
Amish FriendShip Bread, christmas recipes, christmas food and drink, christmas carols, songs, santa, clause, father christmas, good and bad list...

Pocketknife Woodcarvings Figurines: Angels, Santas, Amish, Blacks
Pocketknife woodcarvings of guardian angels, Santa Claus, quaint Amish people, black women and children, and other figurines.

Steps for Cross Stitch Santa Claus Patterns
Witch Cross Stitch. Amish Cross Stitch. Cross Stitch Christmas Stockings ... Steps for Cross Stitch Santa Claus Patterns. Staff Writer...

Santa Claus vs. Elves, Reindeer, and Teamsters @ WWWF Ground Zero
The battle lines are drawn as the elves and the reindeer, with a little help from the teamsters, go on strike against Santa Claus.

An Amish Christmas
So, Amish children don’t visit Santa Claus in the store. There is no lavishly decorated Christmas tree in the home.

About the Amish
How Much Do You Know About the Amish? by R. A. Oldaker...

Santa Claus City Guide - Santa Claus, Indiana by TravelEze.com
Santa Claus Lodging Guide. Full Service. Bed & Breakfast. Extended Stay & Suites. Mid-Priced ... Amish Country - Elkhart City Guide | Columbus...