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Questions On Christmas Cactus
Q: I have several Christmas cactus plants. They stay green but don't grow or bloom. The last one I bought had buds on it but didn't bloom.

Christmas Cactus
...cactus (Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri) are all epiphytes. In other words, these are cacti that grow in trees! These forest or jungle cacti grow...

Care of Christmas Cactus
CARE OF CHRISTMAS CACTUS ... a single plant to be passed down from generation to generation because they're long-lived, rather easy plants to grow.

Christmas Cactus - Welcome to the Denver Plants eZine
How to grow Christmas Cactus...

Fernlea Flowers - Christmas Cactus
How to get your Christmas cactus to flower These plants are easy to grow but are sometimes difficult to get to bloom.

How Do I Grow & Propagate Christmas Cactus - Arizona Gardening
How Do I Grow & Propagate Christmas Cactus ... 1. Take at least a 3 or 4 stem segment and twist it off at the joint.

Christmas Cactus
The potting media must be well-drained with good aeration, because the Christmas cactus does not grow well in heavy, wet mixes.

Christmas Cactus - House plants - Denver Plants.com
How to grow your Christmas cactus...

Crop: Holiday cactus
...or Cactus. Most of the plants grown commercially and investigated in the literature are probably Thanksgiving Cactus. Both plants grow...

Care of Cactus in the Home, G74-187-A
Cool winter temperatures are not a necessity for cactus plants, but these conditions approach the environment in which cacti normally grow.