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Sophos campaigns to save Christmas elves from cruelty
...which stars Santa Claus trying to knock down a pack of elves with a bowling ... Games like this spread rapidly at Christmas time between workers...

Christmas Elves Tutorial
SPECIAL THANK YOU I'd like to give a very Special "Thank You" to Bunney at Bunney's Burrow for showing me the tecqnique for the Sweater Fills.

All about Christmas
Find out fascinating information about the history of Christmas, the elves, Boxing Day, reindeer, cards, stamps, carols, and gifts.

Santa Claus Online! Welcome to your Santa Claus connection.. One of...
Love, Santa, Mrs. Claus, all the Christmas Elves, and the reindeer too! ©1996-2001 Santa Claus Online - All Rights Reserved



Welcome to SantaClaus.com
...explore the site, and don't forget to drop Santa and the Elves a note to ... Christmas Humor (contributions welcome!) Christmas Around The...

Christmas elves
...helpers of Father Christmas (Santa Claus). They are the Christmas elves. Artists such as Hansen and Nyström completed the picture of elves for...

We would like to take this oppor
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers who have shopped with us over the past 20 years at our Christmas

Elf Magic: Christmas Elves, Elf Dolls - Welcome
Elf Magic produces soft-sculptured elf dolls for Christmas. The elves are designed to inspire family activities and stimulate the imagination in...

Santa Claus Official Newsletter - The North Pole Times!
- Published Friday November 26, 2004. Will there be changes in the way the Elves get ready for Christmas? Happy Thanksgiving!